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About septum piercing pain and dangers it poses to the teeth September 15, 2016

Septum piercing can cause pain and poses other dangers that you might not be aware of. In this article we discuss septum piercing pain and septum piercing dangers.

The spacing between the teeth

Owners pierced tongue often “play” with a ball attached to the teeth. This is a problem for communication and language and this impacted the upper front teeth which over time creates a gap between the teeth.

In fact it is reported that septum piercing pain can be induced by this. Other septum piercing dangers include the infection, lingering pain and fever.

Increased risk of caries

On the cavities and fissures of enamel caries frequently created. At these sites, due to rough surfaces easier to retain food and create plaque.


It is good to be informed of the material from which the decoration are rendered and to find out if you are allergic this material. Decorations are rendered to be only from non-toxic metals, such as steel, 14-karat or 18-karat gold, titanium or platinum. Ornaments containing nickel sometimes cause allergic reactions.

Infectious diseases (hepatitis, AIDS)

Incurred as a result of the use of non-sterile needles piercing procedure itself installation. Master of piercing must, like the master of tattoos, have adequate training, but some deal with it without qualification.

Heart disease, which is also described in the literature as a result of infection arising in the mouth due to the process of piercing.
As further confirmation so far of those complications that may arise, it would add the results of research that I recently read in the newspaper Clinical Oral Investigations. The survey was carried out on 92 men, members of the German armed forces, of which half had pierced tongue at least 4 years, while the other half did not have a piercing.

Members of the perforated tongue had frequent depressions and cracks in the enamel. They also have a plurality of teeth, with which it is withdrawn from the tooth meat ( “recession gingiva ‘).

Indentations on the enamel were 2 times more frequent in the group of persons with a perforated tongue. Enamel cracks were 3 times more frequent, gingiva recession even 4 times more frequent than in those subjects who did not have a perforated tongue. The most common site at which it is led to the withdrawal of the tooth of the meat has been in the lower anterior teeth and that on the inner side closer to the tongue.

On the cavities and fissures of enamel caries is often caused. At these sites, due to rough surfaces easier to accumulate food and resulting plaque. Gingiva recession more tooth surface exposed to the oral cavity. This can result in pockets between the teeth and the gingiva, which is then retained for food and bacteria.

To conclude, I would advise that before deciding once again consider carefully and that, in case you decide to decorate your tongue, lips or cheeks, well-informed about possible complications or subsequent consequences.

What to be careful about when buying septum piercing jewelry?

Septum piercing jewelry comes in different shapes and sizes. Pick the right septum piercing jewelry for you.

After the process of making holes does not ignore problems and instead of masters of piercing, contact your doctor who will perform the appropriate medical interventions and their decrease or eliminate the problem and give you appropriate advice.

All of which have a piercing in the mouth or on the lips, recommend more frequent checks at their dentist, as with regular reviews of the teeth and gums possible to avoid permanent damage.


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