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Are you too healthy to possibly get diabetes? January 7, 2016

In a previous post I shared that I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 18 years of age – right at the transition between high school and college. It was a scary time for a number of reasons, and getting this disease in the midst of it all did not quite help matters.

Without going into my entire diagnosis story again, I still want to point out the question that bugged me the most back then, and in a way I still wonder about now. “Why me?,” I asked the doctors. I was becoming an adult, I exercised on a somewhat regular basis, I did not smoke, drink, or do drugs of any sort. I did not have any other sicknesses or illnesses, and while I was far from an “athlete,” I felt good; I felt in shape. So why did I get type 1 diabetes? How could I have prevented it? What were the reasons?

Of course, no one knew back then, and no one really knows now. We still have much to learn about how type 1 develops, how to prevent it, and most importantly, how to cure it. But the fact that no one had the answers did not comfort me much. I simply needed to know why. How could this happen – was I not too healthy to get diabetes?

One thing that we do know about this disease is that it knows no borders. It can strike anyone, at pretty much any age. I was by far not the only 18-year-old to get type 1 diabetes, and there are adults older than me who developed it later in life, and many children who have had it from an extremely young age. I was actually quite shocked when I first heard of kids with diabetes. I could not imagine how they, or their parents, could handle such a demanding disease. Caring for someone with type 1 is a 24/7 job, especially if they are not yet ready to take on some of the responsibility.

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Is technology ready to help with regulation of blood sugar levels? November 22, 2015

Diabetes is a challenge for all of us who live with it. It is something that we must constantly battle with, much like a superhero battles his nemesis. Everyday we drape our Diabetic capes on our back, strap our Diabetic utility belt equipped with Pump, syringes, test strips and meters glucose tabs and countless other items in or to fend off the attacks of the our nemesis, Diabetes. With measurements of blood sugar levels, a certain responsibility comes. We must all refer to an accurate blood sugar levels chart to be on the right track.

This is not something that any of us asked for and its not anything that we can change. The only thing we can do, is to get up each day and do everything within our powers to keep the Diabetes at bay. Some days we win our battles and some days we lose them, but regardless the outcome, we always get back up and keep on fighting because that is who we are and that is what we do. We are Diabetic superheroes.


It truly amazes me when I hear about and read all the challenges and triumphs my fellow Diabetics go through on a daily basis. What amazes me even more is how none of them ever give up. If you are looking for the real superheroes of the world, look no further than the Diabetes online community. All of them inspire others to live life to the fullest and to not let something like Diabetes stand in their way of being anything they want to be and do anything they want to do. These Diabetic superheroes, who I am fortunate enough to call my friends, make the life of a Diabetic just a little bit easier.

As many of you know, I have started a blogroll for my fellow Diabetic bloggers. Not just any blogroll, but a superhero blogroll. They all have there our own special “ability” or way of battling Diabetes and I thought it would be fun to symbolize that in superhero form. Considering how much positive feedback I have been getting on my blogroll, I have decided to expand it a bit. I will be working on a separate site based around my current blogroll of Diabetic bloggers. I figured it would, once again, be something fun to do and place a light hearten spin on something that is anything but light hearted at times.

I feel that all of my fellow Diabetics deserve a little praise for sharing their life with everyone, so I am going to put my own spin on it. I will keep everyone updated on this as it progresses. I will also continue to add to my current blogroll. Thanks to all of you who share your trials and tribulations with us all. You are all my superheroes.

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Technology can help with diabetes

Technology is something that is always in flux. Regardless of the intended audience, technology is there to enhance and improve our lives. Diabetes is no exception to this. Companies are constantly working to make managing Diabetes faster, easier and less intrusive on our lives.

diabetic-technologyAn app for measuring blood sugar levels

I will have to say, that technology has definitely help in making managing Diabetes less of a struggle and more of a daily routine. While this is all well and good, it seems, at least to me, that is some ways, technology has someone hindered our focus and attention on managing our Diabetes. According to no technology can help us at this moment.

Update: to find out more navigate to an article on normal blood sugar level.

Being alert

I am sure to some, this sounds like a fairly strange and possibility incorrect statement, but let me explain what I mean. The key, at least the way I see it, to managing Diabetes is to stay focused and staying aware of your Diabetes and adjusting to your situation and environment to accommodate for those times when things get a little out of control. This is something that is easier to do when you are forced to stay on top of what you eat, your blood sugars, your exercise and activities. The more your life changes, the more you must be aware of your Diabetes and what it is doing. Technology, in all its wonder, tries to make this job easier on all of us PWD. While it does make our lives a little easier, I am not completely convinced that it always makes life better.

The big thing with technology and Diabetes is making everything more accurate and less of a chore in our everyday lives. I feel that with all of the medical and technology advances, that we have made great strides in this. The problem I have with all of this and the point of this post is that, I think that technology has actually made us somewhat less aware and less focused on our Diabetes. I think that with all of the advances, trying to get closer to a “closed loop” system, much of the attention we have had to keep on our Diabetes has been taken away and is put on the technologies we use to manage it. Because of this, we rely more on technology to do the work for us. While this would be fine if these technologies were more of an exact science, but there are not (at least not yet.)

Diabetes management

I feel like we, or at least I feel this way about myself, do not do as much to try and better our management of our Diabetes as we use to, for no other reason than we now have X or Y that can do it for us. While we do have things like insulin pumps and CGMS, we rely too much on them to figure out everything for us. I know that since having my CGMS, I do not test nearly as much as I use to when I didn’t have one. While the system is great and the alarms and all keep things from getting out of control, Nothing beat a finger stick to tell me exactly how well I am managing at that moment.

All I am trying to say is that I feel that we shouldn’t become complacent just because technology has made things easier for someone with Diabetes. In fact, I feel that we should focus more on not only managing our Diabetes but improving our life with Diabetes. Use the technology that we have in addition to our normal routines to make diminish the ill effects and complications of Diabetes.

This is something that I need to do myself. I know that I have become less focused on my Diabetes and I fear that the long term effects will show that if I do not refocus on what is important: Managing my Diabetes.So, make sure that you take advantage of all that technology has given us to make our lives better but do not turn your back on the things that have gotten us to this point. Focus, determination, persistence. These are the fundamentals that will ensure a long complication free life.

The driving force to ensure that technology succeeds is the human element. Without it, technology is just a bunch of 1s and 0s.

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Can You Cure Diabetes? The Ultimate question September 28, 2015

Is it possible?

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases whereby a person has a very high blood sugar level. This results from inadequate production of insulin and also as the result of the inadequacy of the body’s cells ability to respond to the insulin. There are three types of diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, the body fails to produce insulin and it takes place before the age of forty generally. In Type 2 diabetes, the body also fails to produce enough insulin required for the normal functioning of the body. Type 2 diabetes is common among obese people. Obesity can lead to the destabilization of the body’s metabolic system. Gestational diabetes affects pregnant females, which can increase the risk of complications during child birth. In recent years, more and more people are falling prey to the disease. The question is, Can You Cure Diabetes? It’s a very tricky question as the answer to this oscillates between ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Curing is not possible

It has been the unraveled mystery, whether or not it is really possible to cure diabetes. Rigorous workout on a regular basis is known to have proven to be an effective way to break the chains of diabetes. Sweating it out is very compulsory. The person with this disease is supposed to monitor his blood sugar level on a daily basis. Living on a liquid diet can bring about dramatic change in the blood sugar level. Food of a diabetic patient must be green, rich in electrons, and juiced. They must also opt for nutritional supplements because they act as insurance policies against the various deficiencies. Then, intake of green tea on a regular basis is a must. The process of curing diabetes has more to do with human psychology. The various emotions, good and bad, have a significant effect on the blood sugar levels. Stress produces stress hormone, adrenaline, which elevates the blood sugar level. The management of stress level is very important. The proverb “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” holds true. The physiological condition is directly related to the psychological aspects. The more stressed you are, the more elevated your blood sugar level will be.

The answer to the question “Can You Cure Diabetes?” is discipline. A disciplined person with controlled lifestyle can help himself control any type of diabetes. A diabetic patient has to monitor his lifestyle on a regular basis. His general habitat, including eating habits and physical activities, play an important role. The success of curing the disease depends on the patient’s ability to think positively. Positive thoughts and emotion is the key to putting a check on diabetes. Certainly, there is no cure for diabetes. It can only be controlled through the efforts of the diseased. Losing weight is the best way to control diabetes.

So let’s come to the question, Can You Cure Diabetes? Insulin, weight loss, changing the eating habits, medication, and physical activity can normalize blood sugar level but can give a permanent solution? The answer is you have to do all these things more or less to get your life back again.

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Registration September 14, 2015

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See more on normal blood sugar levels in this article.

Blood sugar level
As with both types of diabetes, controlling the level of blood sugar is essential!

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See more about normal blood sugar level and why it is important to control the levels effectively.

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