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Sugar and glucose levels chart with heart rate April 17, 2016

Taking care of diabetes can initially, be a pain in the “you-know-what”, but once you get sorted you’ll find it’s not so difficult, especially if you have some help. So, if you don’t take care of your diabetes and ignore it that can lead to long-lasting poor health and result in loss of peripheral sensation and those lovely “non-healing” foot ulcers (to name a few).

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One of the biggest things you can do to is to take over under control. This is what most doctors will recommend for you to manage your blood sugar. Since test strips are used frequently and commonly, it is easy to stock up on testing strips for cheap. This was one of those little things my father had to get into doing, as not being able to test his blood sugar isn’t such a good idea, especially if your “other half” finds out you don’t have any!

For some diabetics, there are more specific diabetic supplies to help with diabetic complications. For those with more advanced diabetes, special care will be needed and should be taken into consideration. Diabetes tends to affect peripheral sensation, and one of the consequences is decreased sensation in the feet. This is bad for foot care because pressure ulcers may form without the person knowing about it, and the ulcers may turn into diabetic foot ulcers and require intensive antibiotics, or even surgery.

Diabetic socks and diabetic shoes are required for people with advanced diabetes for the best care of their feet. Diabetic socks protect the feet against friction and other external factors that may cause injury to the foot, such as rocks or sharp objects.

Diabetic shoes also help prevent the skin from breaking down at the soles and provides support that minimizes any sort of structural damage to the foot. Most of these shoes have to be somewhat customized with special support for the foot. Some of these diabetic supplies aren’t needed for all cases and browsing this site for more information and/or asking you Doctor for more information is highly recommended.

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